Timbabuild® All Purpose Multi Surface SUPER WIPES are designed for avariety of heavy duty cleaning tasks at the work site, factory, or at homeand do not require the presence of water. SUPER WIPES are effective on all kinds of surfaces for the fast and simpleremoval of a variety of contaminants such as non cured paints, sealants,epoxies, adhesives, adhesive spray, bitumen, fillers, foams, oils & polyeuethanesgrease.

These wipes are also entirely safe and effective for the cleaning of hands.
This product has an 36 month shelf life.



SKU: 0008
  • • EXTRA LARGE 600cm2 Wipes
    • Citrus lemon fragrance.
    • Effective against a variety of contaminants.
    • Ready to use; Easy to use.
    • Non Harmful.
    • 80 wipes in a handy sealed dispenser.
    • Ideal for the removal of stains from work surfaces and tools.
    • Resealable dispensing system to prevent drying out.