Timbabuild® Timbaglaze Putty Replacement , the worlds only genuine all weather use Multi-Purpose Glazing Sealant. A single component hybrid polymer specifically designed for bedding in any type of glazing unit indoors or outdoors. Suitable for most substrates, including wet substrates, does not cause corrosion on metals. The gluing and sealing mass adhesive has good vibration and noise-suppressing properties. Adhesive is UV- and weather resistant, paintable, does not shrink during the curing process, and does not contain harmful components. Timbaglaze provides a permanent replacement for window putty but also an improved level of performance for the purposes of renovation and maintenance within the Timbabuild® system. 



SKU: 0006

    • Can be applied to WET or DAMP surfaces.
    • Paintable after 1 HOUR - (skins over in 20 minutes).
    • UV and weather resistant.
    • Extrude with any mastic tool, directly to the area.
    • High Strength & Durability.
    • Fast and Simple to Use, Easy to Clean and Store.
    • Paintable and Stainable.
    • For any type of glazing unit, new or repair.
    • Suitable for use with butyle tapes & hot melt adhesives in double glazed units.
    • No shrinkage - maintians a strong elastic bond.
    • Timbaglaze has a service life of minimum 10 years.

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