Timbabuild NZ
Sole suppliers of Timbabuild products in
New Zealand

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Welcome to Timbabuild NZ

We have over 25 years experience in the joinery restoration business working on projects that require specialist repair and rot prevention in Wellington, NZ and previously in London, UK.  

Having used Timbabuild products in the UK and knowing they would assist in providing quality repairs, we were disappointed that they were not available here in NZ. So we decided to bring them here. 


We are now the sole supplier in New Zealand of Timbabuild products.

We use the Timbabuild epoxy resin repair products as we recognise the massive potential of these products. We know that it is of the highest quality to ensure our workmanship is of the highest standard.

Not only are the Timbabuild epoxy resin repair products superior to the traditional way of repairing and maintaining joinery, the methods used provide a faster yet more durable repair than traditional methods and are more cost effective.  

Nigel & Ingrid

Timbabuild NZ