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Timbabuild NZ Portfolio

Timbabuild® Epoxy products have very distinct characteristics. Epoxy products of this nature work by combining an A and B component, very thoroughly, and in as equal proportion as possible. Unlike other fillers, the working time is extended to allow for more detailed and larger repairs to be carried out. Epoxies can be speeded up however (as is the case with the 15 minute curing Timbabuild® ERC10 resin).

The key benefits of Timbabuild® over alternative repair methods are detailed below;

Overall Benefits                                                                           
Timbabuild® is manufactured 100% the UK                                                  
Manufactured to ISO 9001 / 14001 Standards
(Environmental Quality Standard).
The single ‘twin-tube’ system ensures a
100% accurate mix of A and B components.
The repair is guaranteed for 50 years -

Timbabuild® EHB60 allows large scale repair
works to be undertaken unlike normal fillers.
Timbabuild® ERC10 provides a bond which is
stronger than wood, in just 15 minutes.
Timbabuild® will not shrink, crack, or absorb
Timbabuild® will move in harmony with the
wood to ensure longevity.

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