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Epoxy Repair Timbabuild NZ

There is a sea change being experienced in todays’ world; a drive for more sustainable products that work in harmony with the natural world and traditional methods. Sustainability covers many different facets of a building. For Timbabuild®, it means retaining original features, and restoring back to life the original character of a property. Repairing original features is all well and good, but those repairs must be cost-effective, from the point of view of expense, time and durability. Timbabuild® is the only epoxy wood repair system which provides a 50 year guarantee on repairs.Timbabuild® EHB60 rebuilds large areas of decayed structures quickly and effectively. By removing the rotten wood, priming the surface, and then building up and moulding the surface, similar to a putty consistency, the hardened epoxy can be sanded or planed exactly like wood to provide the perfect finish. It provides a physical and chemical bond which is stronger than the original wood.Timbabuild® ERC10 is the ultimate in wood adhesion. Used most effectively as a splicing adhesive, it allows new sections of wood to be installed with ease and provides a permanent and watertight seal.Timbabuild® will also resist any shrinkage ormovement in the joint area which means itmoves together with the natural movements inthe wood.

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