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Timbabuild Starter Kit

This Essential starter kit contains all of the elements required to carry out professional long lasting timber repairs.


Essential Starter Kit contents: 

1 x EHB60 400ml Repair Resin

1 x ERC10 400ml Rapid Adhesive 

1 x EWS Epoxy Stabilizer

1 x Metal Timbabuild Extrusion Tool 

1 x Timbaglaze 290ml Hybrid Polymer Glazing Sealant / Putty Replacement 

1 x FINISH 300g 2-Part Rapid Set Filler 

1 x Mixing Board 

1 x Pair of Latex Gloves 

1 x Stainless Steel Filling Knife 2"
1 x Stainless Steel Filling Knife 3"

1 x Chip Brush

4 x Plastic Shutters

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